The meetup

Lean UX open is a meetup taking place frequently (every other month or so) with 16 spots open to participants every session, providing the participants will prepare sharing something they know or have experienced concerning agile UX or lean UX in a 5-10 minute lightning talk and participate actively in the following open space discussions. The topics to prepare and share can be presented as simple as just talking about it, no PowerPoints necessary (but the option exists if you want to).

The agenda for the sessions is the following:

  1. Everyone lists what they can share in a lighting talk
  2. We vote on what we want to hear
  3. We listen to the chosen lightning talks
  4. Everyone lists what they want to discuss in an open space session
  5. We vote on what we want to discuss
  6. We discuss the chosen topics in an open space format
You can find a more vivid example of how the Lean UX open meetup works here.

The next meetup event might be full, but join the waiting list and prepare a talk anyway, there are usually many drop outs during the last days before the meetup.

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The past

12 January 20178